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there exist three worlds: the human world, the slime world, and the demon world. many, many years ago, the demon world was sealed off after the end of a major war. since then, humans and slimes have had a shaky, uneasy co-existence with one another.

one day, a hole opens up in the human world, allowing the denizens of the demon world to reemerge. in no time at all, the human world has been taken over. the demons now have slime world in their sights! humans and slimes have put aside their differences to fight this common enemy. but alas, the tools and weapons they have to fight with are not enough! it is now up to SLIMEGIRL (the hero) to stop them and save the two worlds! i mean, the humans would surely do the same for us, right?

Install instructions

once you have unzipped the folder, double click on "player" and the game will load up.

press "enter" to pause and unpause the game.


slimegirl adventures demo.zip 38 MB

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